Title Insurance is designed to help you.

When two parties sign a home contract, certain assumptions are made. One of the biggest is that the person who is selling the home actually has the rights to it.
There are all sorts of reasons why this might not be the case. Some of them aren’t necessarily malicious. The seller could think he has the rights, but then someone else makes a claim to the property that wasn’t expected. Things could have gotten complicated due to the nature of an abstruse will. Perhaps the government made an error in their indexing records.

Title Insurance protects you against claims that you are not the rightful owner of the property. All lenders require Title Insurance and we recommend that all cash buyers purchase Title Insurance even though they are not required to purchase Title Insurance by law. It’s important to protect yourself and your property.
Still not 100% sure about Title Insurance and why you might need it? We’re here to answer your questions and are just a phone call away.

What You Need to Know About Title Insurance

What You Need to Know About Sweet Settlements

Many of the Title Insurance Companies you’ll find out there are painful to work with. Closing on a home is stressful on everyone, and we get that. Instead of adding to your stress by adding one more thing you need, we are here to alleviate it. There’s a reason we put the word “sweet” in our name!

We have expertise when it comes to Title Insurance, and we strive to make sure our customers understand what’s going on. By working with the buying, selling, and lending parties, we manage the closing transaction, all while making sure you’re protected from hidden hazards and fraud.

Sweet Settlements currently partners with homebuyers, real estate agents, and lending professionals.

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